Environmental Change and Public Health 2020

The HPRU  ECH hosted the conference “Environmental Change and Public Health 2020” on 18 Feb 2020.

Keynote #1: Adapting to climate change in the UK – issues for public health. Baroness Brown, Committee on Climate Change, Chair of the Adaptation Sub-Committee. Baroness Brown HPRU Keynote

Keynote #2: The National Study of Flooding and Health. Professor Isabel Oliver, Public Health England. Oliver_Presentation

Keynote #3: What are the prospects for health at COP26 and beyond.  Professor Sir Andy Haines, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Haines_Presentation

Live recordings

Morning Session 1:  Keynote #1 and presentations on Public Health and Climate Risk Management 

Morning Session 2: Keynote #2 and panel discussion on “How do you plan for the climate emergency? The operationalisation of climate risk management and mitigation at the local level” 

Afternoon Session 1: Presentations on Sustainable Urban Development

Afternoon Session 2: Panel discussion on “Changing behaviour to improve health and the environment – How to put evidence into practice” and Keynote #3. 

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